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#127 – “Play Misty for Me” – Y Garn in the mist

Why do the British talk about weather so much?  It’s a topic that never fails to kick-start a conversation, probably because we get so much of it!  Things never stay constant for long, but the last couple of weeks have … Continue reading

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#68 – Helm Crag and Far Easedale

There seems to be a bit of a theme developing in this blog.  In #65 I described a warm and sunny February day on Cadair Idris in 2008.  Last week in #67 it was a February ski trip up Pen … Continue reading

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#41 – Smearsett Scar

Until about ten years ago, my knowledge of walking in the Yorkshire Dales was limited to the Yorkshire Three Peaks (Y3P) Challenge route, and the paths to various holes in the ground that my potholing club had visited.  However, there … Continue reading

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#30 – Mynydd Mawr

The welsh language is bewildering for an english speaker, on first sight.  Like scots gaelic, it looks like an ‘alphabet soup’ of consonants, but unlike gaelic it is a logical language where every letter has a sound and every letter … Continue reading

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#18 – A dry day on The Long Pub Crawl

The Ullswater Lakeside Path last week had been a good walk out, and even the drizzle and mist hadn’t put a damper on the day.  That didn’t mean that we were in a hurry to have a repeat performance though, … Continue reading

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#2 – Catching up with the backlog

It’s intended that this blog will get a weekly update as to what I’ve been getting up to in the hills over the previous week.  However, there’s not much to add today, as I started the blog in the middle … Continue reading

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