#98 – Walking the Jurassic Coast

Golden Cap above the Anchor Inn at Seatown, Dorset

I should make something quite clear.  I prefer to walk mountains, moors and high places.  Ok, so I sometimes I walk the dog on one of our local beaches, but I’m not a beach walker – I want ups and downs, and views that change with almost every step, things that you don’t get walking a beach.  Mind you, anyone familiar with the coastline of the UK will tell you that you are often in for a surprise if you go expecting a flat, easy beach walk.

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#97 – “Yomping” over Dartmoor with the Royal Marine Commandos

Dartmoor – on a good day!

 When I first became interested in the outdoors as a teenager, I had no interest whatsoever in walking on Dartmoor – Living in Lancashire meant that we had plenty of our own moorland, and the mountains of the Lake District were just over an hour away.  In fact it took about as long to drive to Dartmoor as it did to the Scottish Highlands.  Why would I want to go to Dartmoor?

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#96 – A romp in the Rhinogs (Day 2)

Rhinog Fawr (left) and Rhinog Fach, seen from the Cwm Nantcol road

In the UK, the summer of 2012 has been largely regarded as one of the wettest in recorded meteorological history, with a month’s rain falling on one single July day.  This hasn’t been reflected in the photographs of my hill-walking days, probably because I’ve finally learned enough sense not to go out when it’s raining!  However, the light has often been dull, with mist on the tops, not very interesting for photography.  So, I couldn’t believe my luck when two days after our misty day on Rhinog Fawr, the forecast was for sun – my rucksack was packed in minutes!

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#95 – A romp in the Rhinogs (Day 1)

Setting out in the sunshine from Cwm Buchan

The hills and mountains of the Snowdonia National Park are one of the main attractions of North Wales, bringing in visitors from all over the UK and even further afield.  Top of most walkers tick list is the peak of ‘Snowdon’ itself (Yr Wyddfa), the highest mountain in Wales, and higher than anything in England as well (See posts #86 and #39).  However, popularity means busy, and Yr Wyddfa is not the place to go to for peace and solitude.  For that, you need to visit the Rhinog Hills.

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#94 – Craig Cwm Silyn and the Nantlle Ridge

Craig Cwm Silyn seen from the northeast

Fellow blogger LensScaper and I have both recently posted accounts of walking some of the less frequented hills of Snowdonia, but LensScaper sometimes follows routes the opposite way round to the way that I have walked them.  What is really interesting in this (for me anyway) is that it gives an entirely different perspective on a route.

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#93 – The Moel Hebog Ridge

The Moel Hebog Ridge with (L to R) Moel Hebog, Moel yr Ogof and Moel Lefn

Tell your mountaineering mates that you were walking in Eifionydd last week, and they will probably look at you blankly.  The Eifionydd Hills are the ones sandwiched between the Snowdon Range and the Llŷn Peninsula.  Sandwiched is perhaps the wrong word though, inferring some kind of inferiority – this is definitely not the case.

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#92 – “Just doggin’ around …. ”

Cwm Llugwy below Carnedd Llewelyn

I was ready, prepared for several hours of sitting behind a rock in Cwm Llugwy, in the Carneddau mountains of North Wales.  Coffee in flask, foam sit mat at the ready, extra fleece layers and full waterproofs – a day in the Carneddau can bring all four seasons in the space of a few hours.  Instead, I found myself in a field near Llanrwst, enjoying an amazing display of Search and Rescue dogs at work.

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