#90 – Elidir Fawr and the Northern Glyderau

Elidir Fawr with Marchlyn Mawr Reservoir below

It would seem that Elidir was a big bloke – apparently his stallion could carry seven riders, and if an ancient British chieftain wanted a memorial, something really big that would carry his name down through the centuries, then the mountain we now call Elidir Fawr would seem to fit the bill.

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#89 – “Hide and seek” at Pen y Pass

You might well ask the question, “why is a ‘supposed’ adult hiding behind a boulder on a Welsh hillside?”  The question is more pointed when you realise that I’ve swopped a comfortable sofa and ‘Eastenders’ on the TV for a hard piece of rock and a grey view that occasionally disappears behind a shower of rain.  The weather is not being kind tonight!

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#88 – Moel Siabod, the ‘Shapely Hill’

The track to the ‘Shapely Hill’ from Pont Cyfyng, Capel Curig

You can see Moel Siabod (the ‘Shapely Hill’) from our house.  Well, not strictly true … you would see Moel Siabod if our own shapely hill of Moel Hiraddug wasn’t in the way!  (See Post #73)  So, it’s dog-walking boots on and up the hill, with a Border Collie running nose into the wind, sniffing out things we aren’t even aware of.  As we come to the crest of Moel Hiraddug, the Snowdon hills stand proud about 40 kilometres (25 miles) away.  Alone on the left is Moel Siabod.

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#87 – Cwm Idwal … The morning after!!

The view over Llyn Idwal towards the cliffs of Twll Du (The Devil’s Kitchen)

The A5 London to Holyhead road is one of Britain’s busiest arterial highways.  Starting near Marble Arch in London, it follows what was once a vital transport link from the capital to Holyhead and the sea crossing to Dublin.  The section that passes through Snowdonia must rank as one of the most scenic road routes in the UK.  Less well known to many is a haven of tranquillity that is less than one kilometre from the road.

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#86 – Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) by the PYG Track and the Miners Track

Mount Everest – 8,848 metres (29,029 feet)

The mountains of Snowdonia are more than just a playground.  Some also come here to train for the bigger ranges, the best known example being the members of the successful 1953 Everest expedition – they even found time to write their names on the ceiling of the bar in the Pen y Gwryd Hotel, where the signatures can still be seen.  If Snowdonia was good enough for the 1953 team, it was also good enough for Clare and Sarah!

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#85 – “Wonderful waterfall” – Pistyll Rhaeadr.

Pistyll Rhaeadr, one of the “Seven Wonders of Wales”

Why is the number Seven so significant?  Seven days of the week, Seven deadly sins, Seven virtues, Seven Heavens, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (eh?!…)  Well OK, you probably get the picture….

In Wales it is said that there are Seven Wonders, listed as –

 “Pistyll Rhaeadr and Wrexham steeple, Snowdon’s mountain without its people,

Overton yew trees, St Winefride’s well, Llangollen bridge and Gresford bells.”

A couple of years back we took a look at number one on the list, the waterfall of Pistyll Rhaeadr.

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#84 – Bidean nam Bian, the hidden giant of Glencoe

The view up the ‘Lost Valley’ in Glencoe

As you drive down Glencoe towards Loch Achtriochtan, you can’t help but notice the impressive rock architecture rising above you on both sides. To the north lies the airy ridge of the Aonach Eagach (see post #52) and opposite lie the Three Sisters. It’s clear that these are big hills but the one that you will not see is hidden from view by its neighbours – Bidean nam Bian, the highest peak in the old county of Argyll at 1,150 metres (3,773ft).

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