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#75 – Access to the hills and The Mass Trespass of 1932

 For those who missed it, 24th April was the 80th anniversary of the Mass Trespass on Kinder Scout in 1932.  The Trespass was part of a working class movement in the first half of the 20th Century to secure the … Continue reading

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#74 – A challenging day? Or a piece of pie!

Sometimes a day in the mountains turns out to be more challenging than expected.  The weather changes unexpectedly or the rock on a scramble turns out to be wet and greasy.  The mist is more of a problem than expected, … Continue reading

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#73 – “I bought a mountain”

Only a madman would buy a Welsh hill-farm on a whim, to become a sheep farmer without having any previous farming experience – that madman was called Thomas Firbank, and his fascinating book “I bought a mountain” was published in … Continue reading

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#72 – “It looked like a canny way down….”

After twenty five years, I can still remember those words being spoken as if it was yesterday –  “It looked like a canny way down….”   The person speaking was the survivor from a mountain accident that I became involved … Continue reading

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#71 – Buckden Pike (with dry feet!)

After plundering other great blogs for inspiration for walks, I thought it was time to come up with an original idea – less easy when you only have a short walking day and have walked all the obvious local routes, … Continue reading

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