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#153 – “Foot Mountain” – on foot!

Living on the edge of the Clwydian Hills in North East Wales, with the glories of Snowdonia just an hours drive away, you might wonder that we bother going to other mountain areas in Wales. The thing is, the country … Continue reading

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#152 – A walk up ‘Big Mountain’

Welsh is a poetic language, and a language of poets. Names of mountains, valleys and lakes have a magical sound to English ears, and learning a little of the language opens a door towards understanding. A mountain name like “Slippery … Continue reading

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#151 – Carneddau air-crash, Craig yr Ysfa

It was a strange kind of winter in North Wales this year. We ‘hardy mountain types’  🙂 like to get out to play in the snow, but the snow was erratic, never hanging around for long – when it did … Continue reading

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