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#83 – “One Man and his Dog” on Heather Terrace, Tryfan

Some hills get attention just because they are above a certain height.  The Munros  in Scotland (mountains over 3000 ft in height) started the trend in the UK, and the Welsh and English Munros, although fewer in number, are equally … Continue reading

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#82 – This blog has been hijacked!! (Woof!)

Well, there nearly wasn’t a blog this week – ‘The Boss’ and ‘Mrs Boss’ have moved house to Wales, and you wouldn’t believe the mess that the new place is in!!  How do you humans accumulate so much stuff?!  Instead … Continue reading

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#81 – The quiet hills of the Llŷn Peninsula

I don’t usually do requests in this blog, mainly for the reason that I don’t get many requests!  In post #76 I wrote about the processes I go through writing walking routes for websites.  I had a bit of fun … Continue reading

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#80 – Sunny day on the Langdale Pikes

It’s never happened to me before.  I went into the Hiker’s Bar of the Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel in Langdale on a Sunday afternoon, and it was empty!  Not a case of alien abduction though, as dozens of customers were … Continue reading

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