#237 – It’s a dog’s life!

Woof woof!! – it’s that time of year again where I sneak up to the Boss’s computer thingy and write my own blog – I definitely do a better job than him!

Winter in The Carneddau, and the Missus having fun ….

…. but she can’t keep up with me!

We didn’t get to play in the snow much last winter, which is a shame ‘cos I like running round in the snow – when we did get a bit of snow in the Carneddau (see that – I’m learning the names now!), I was first up the hill as usual.

Apparently this is the Lost Valley – doesn’t look very lost to me!

Me having a good time on the Cuillin Ridge

Me and the Boss in Upper Coire Lagan

Me setting off towards Stac Pollaidh – see who’s in front, as usual

Me and the Boss again, heading for Beinn Eighe

When we got near the top you could see for miles!

I’m still faster than him though!

I’m still faster than him though!

In May we had a great time in Scotland.    My first proper dog-walk was up something the Boss called the Lost Valley.  Well OK, explain this in words a dog can understand – if that valley is ‘lost’, how come we are walking up it??  Just sayin’!!

After the Lost Valley (which we now know wasn’t really lost) we went to Skye, where I had fun on a bit of the Cuillin Ridge, but my favourite day was up on Beinn Eighe – pity the Boss can’t keep up with me.

And I’m definitely faster than the Missus

Here we are in the Lake District

No lakes here though

No lakes here either

Still, I can always raid the Boss’s pack for his sandwiches when he’s not looking

The Boss and the Missus went to the Lake District a lot this year – there you go again, he calls it the Lake District, but where were all the lakes??   Sometimes humans make no sense at all!    Still, I sometimes get the chance to nick his sandwiches when he leaves his pack near me – all a dog needs really.

The Boss does this every year – still don’t know how he does it

I see he’s still doing that corny trick of shrinking the Missus – I hope he gets her back to proper size before my dinner time!

Anyway, he’s coming back to his computer thingy so I’d better go – a big WOOF WOOF from me, and see you on a hill somewhere in 2018 – don’t forget your sandwiches!

About Paul Shorrock

I've been mucking about in the mountains for longer than I care to mention. I started out by walking my local hills, then went on to rock climbing, mountaineering and skiing. Still doing it, and still getting a buzz. I'm now sharing the fun, through my guided walking business (Hillcraft Guided Walking) and by writing routes for other publishers, mainly Walking World and Discovery Walking Guides. Just to make sure I keep really busy, I am also currently a member of my local mountain rescue team.
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1 Response to #237 – It’s a dog’s life!

  1. For some reason, Beinn Eighe seems to get a lot of good weather – each of my visits has had weather just like you had but not Liathach next door! Happy New Year! (and your master and mistress!)


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