#192 – Here we go again – The Spine Race 2016

The 108 mile Challenger event (AKA the Fun Run!) sets off at 7 o'clock in the morning

The 108 mile Challenger event (AKA the Fun Run!) sets off at 7 o’clock in the morning

It’s that time of year again – the Montane Spine Race started on Saturday 9th January on a cold misty day in Edale.   The racers have one thing in mind, and that is running the length of the Pennine Way National Trail in seven days – that’s 268 miles and in winter!

It seems that some of the runners have their own view though, with previous winners Paval Paloncy and Eugeni Rossello Sole teamed up with Irishman Eoin Keith, and approaching Swaledale after only 32 hours!

Could be an interesting race this year – I’m on safety cover out at Greg’s hut on Cross Fell, a lonely, cold bothy at 700 metres, together with old mate John Bamber and young doctor ‘Pip’ together with Border Collie ‘Mist’.   Hear more in two weeks time when it’s all over for another year.

Start of the Spine Race, 'The Most Brutal Race in Britain'

Start of the Spine Race, ‘The Most Brutal Race in Britain’

Text © Paul Shorrock – Images © John Bamber


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I've been mucking about in the mountains for longer than I care to mention. I started out by walking my local hills, then went on to rock climbing, mountaineering and skiing. Still doing it, and still getting a buzz. I'm now sharing the fun, through my guided walking business (Hillcraft Guided Walking) and by writing routes for other publishers, mainly Walking World and Discovery Walking Guides. Just to make sure I keep really busy, I am also currently a member of my local mountain rescue team.
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3 Responses to #192 – Here we go again – The Spine Race 2016

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl says:

    Wow! I give all the participants credit. 7 days and in winter? !
    I’ll just curl up in front of the fire with my Border and listen for the results 😉


  2. I’ll never understand what prompts people to enter that race – I like a challenge but it sounds ridiculous!


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